What is the story of Kamadhenu? The tale of Sacred Cow

What is the story of Kamadhenu? The tale of Sacred Cow

Among the divine beings in the enormous list of Hindu mythology, you might have also heard about a figure called Kamadhenu. Due to its unparalleled significance, it stands out from the other deities. You might have an idea that Kamadhenu is a bovine goddess who is said to be the mother of all cows in Hinduism. It is said to be a celestial cow that grants all the desires of its owner. 


But, there are deep insights and significance of Kamadhenu, which reveals the reason, why it is worshipped in India and has an importance in the mythology. Let’s dive into those significances and read the story of Kamadhenu through this blog. 


What is the Story of Kamadhenu?

Origin of Kamadhenu

Based on Hindu mythologies and legends, Kamadhenu rose during the churning of milk ocean by the gods and demons to capture the Amritha. So, Kamadhenu is said to be the descendant of the gods and demons, which emerged as a divine bovine with exceptional powers. Then she was gifted to Saptarishi, the seven ancient brahmins and insisted on giving milk and ghee for the ritual practices by Brahma, the creator. 

According to a book called  Anushasana Parva, it is said that Kamadhenu, which is called Surabhi, was born from Daksha or Prajapthi, a creator as well as a king when he had the Amritha, got from the churning of the milk ocean. Later, Kamadhenu gave birth to many other cows called Kapila, the mother of cows. 

However, Udyoga Parva, a part of Mahabharata, narrates that she was born when lord Brahma drank Amritha. There are numerous stories behind Kamadhenu, which might vary based on people’s beliefs. 

Being represented as a cow, Kamadhenu is said to be white with a shining body and beautified with ornaments, symbolizing purity. The major forte that makes her different from other deities is her power to fulfil our desires. According to the mythologies, she is known for flourishing abundance and prosperity. 

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Protector Of Brahmin

Now, it is obvious, that Kamadhenu is often resonated with Brahmins. Brahmins conduct Vedic fire sacrifice and puja and include cows' milk and its derivatives like ghee. It is believed that this cow god also has a significant role in protecting the Brahmins from demons and abusive kings. It is said that Kamadhenu turns herself into a warrior to stand and protect her brahmins or her master with her armies. 

Sage Vashishta and Kamadhenu

Even though there are stories associated with Kamadhenu, one of the renowned ones is with sage Vashishta and King Vishvamitra. It is said that Kamadhenu resided with the sage Vashishta, signifying divine powers. It is said that once the King Vishvamithra visited the sage Vashishta.The sage greeted him with great respect and gifted him a large meal made by Kamadhenu. Being impressed, the king asked the sage to give Kamadhenu. In return, he offered many cows, elephants, horses and jewels. But, the sage refused to give Kamdhenu. The king Vishvamithra captured Kamdhenu. Being loyal to the master, Kamadhenu returned to the sage after fighting with the king’s army. 

Later, Kamadhenu insisted the sage give orders to destroy the king and his army. The sage agreed to her wish, and Kamadhenu produced the army and defeated the king and his sons. 

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What is Kamadhenu’s Role in Hinduism? 

The Kamadhenu, a cow god has a key role in Hinduism, resembling Brahmin. Resembling motherhood, and love, her presence is considered a symbol of abundance and is blissful for various celebration that varies based on religions. 

Kamadhenu is depicted in different stories variously in Hindu mythologies. You might have even seen her pictures in various artwork, scriptures, and more that reflect fertility, purity and especially maternal care. 

Who is Kamadhenu’s Son?

One of the highlights of Kamadhenu is her offspring- Nandi. She is a sacred bull, which is said to be the vehicle of lord Shiva. She is known for her loyalty, strength, and more. She plays a crucial role in the epics and Hinduism. 

Kamadhenu, A Sacred Cow

As said, Kamadhenu symbolizes motherhood, fulfilment and abundance and encourages devotees to believe and honor her. People admire and get inspired by her generosity and purity. People consider the story of Kamdhenu not only a deep-rooted tale but also an example to look upon Hindu values and an unwavering pursuit of granting desires. 

Being inspired, people place the idols of Kamdhenu in their houses to signify purity. People also memorialize Kamadhenu in festivals such as Makar Sankranti and Pongal

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