Lord Ganesh is considered one of the most powerful gods in the Hindu pantheon. He has the head of an elephant, symbolising success, happiness, wealth, and knowledge. Ganesh is also worshipped as “Vighneswara”, ...or the remover of worldly and spiritual obstacles. This is why Lord Ganesh is the first deity to be worshipped before the start of any venture, particularly a new business or work. Lord Ganesh has as many as 108 names, each describing his divine powers. Now it's that time of the year again when millions of people of all faiths will celebrate this admirable God's birth for 10 days. People worship Ganesha with flowers, colours, music, and dance. On the tenth day, the elephant God returns to Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva and Parvati, his parents. People bid Ganesh farewell until next year by immersing his idols in water bodies amidst the chanting of mantras, bhajan singing, and dance. The immersion ceremony is called Ganesh Visarjan. Read more



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Once, it so happened that the gods competed to see who would get the first place to pray. It was decided that the winner would be the one who could travel the fastest from one end of the Universe to another. All the gods and goddesses got on their respective rides and started racing. However, Ganesha circumambulated his parents, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, thrice and sat down, saying they meant the Universe to him. This answer proved his wisdom and delighted his parents, prompting Lord Shiva to grant Lord Ganesh the first place to be worshipped before the start of any new venture.


Buy Ganesh Idol Online in India at the Best Price

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, people buy new Ganesh idols for worshipping for 10 days till the Visarjan. The best Ganesh idols for homes and festivals become hot commodities, and people race to get them. The idols are usually made of clay, plaster, stone, and metal. Ganesh statues come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, promising to please everyone.

Ganesh idols can be found everywhere, in homes, temples, and other sacred spaces, and this is not confined just to the 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh devotees believe that if they have an idol of the elephant god at home, they will be blessed with success and fortune. Meanwhile, for Ganesh Utsav, people worship the Ganesh idols for 10 days before immersing them in water bodies, especially rivers, with a lot of fanfare and devotion.

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Things You Should Consider While Buying Ganesh Idol For Home

Different types and sizes of Lord Ganesh idols are available worldwide, but the best Ganesh idol for home should fulfil the criteria listed below: 

  • Sellers stress the unique attributes of each design. But if you want to keep Ganesh at home, choose a figure of him in a sitting position. Standing Ganesh statues appear the most appropriate when installed in offices. A sitting Ganesha is said to bring financial security and prevent people from wasting money, while a standing Ganesha helps people advance in their careers.
  • The direction of the trunk is one of the aspects that most people get wrong when buying a Ganesh idol. Ganesh looks beautiful with his trunk pointing in either direction, but you are supposed to use only the idols with the trunk pointing to the left for puja. 
  • Lord Ganesha is always accompanied by a mouse, his official mode of transport. The mouse (Mushak Raja) is shown relishing a modak (sweet savoury) offered to Ganesh. Hence, a Ganesh idol should always include his ride and a modak. The mouse also symbolises human desires, which must be controlled to earn God’s grace.
  • Materials such as clay, POP, or metal can be used to make the idol, but no chemicals should be used. 
  • When picking a Ganesh idol, the choice of colour is also important. Ganesh should be bright red for the festival and worshipping. A white colour Ganesh idol brings peace into the house, while a silver Ganesh idol is recommended for those who seek fame.

Types of Ganesh Idol Available at Idolkart.com

At Idolkart.com, you will discover a mesmerising array of Ganesh idols that beautifully capture the essence of divinity and craftsmanship. From intricately detailed traditional idols to contemporary artistic renditions, we offer a diverse selection to cater to every taste and preference. The most-liked Ganesh idols on the Idolkart website are the silver Ganesh idol and golden Ganesh idol. At Idolkart, you will find the “Prathameshwara Gold and Silver Coated Lotus Ganesh Idol” sitting on a lotus flower. This is the “Saṇkaṭahara Gaṇapati” type that is ideal for worshipping at home. This form is believed to dispel all the problems of the household, including financial ones. 

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Choosing Idolkart for purchasing Ganesh murti online is a wise decision for several compelling reasons. Idolkart’s main USP is the attention to beauty and quality; all products reflect the acknowledgement of divinity and India’s rich culture. Each idol is precisely curated with astute craftsmanship. We provide high-end designs and use the finest quality materials to maintain quality, assuring durability and an aura of spirituality. These idols, built with extreme care and devotion, can seamlessly enhance the aesthetics and aura of your puja room, home, office, or even your car dashboard. Idolkart is your trusted source for exquisite Ganesh idols embodying artistry and devotion.

How Can You Use Ganesh Murti As A Gift?

It is no surprise that Ganesh idols are given away as gifts during celebrations. Ganesh idols are the most widely circulated and adorable gifts when celebrating a new venture, whether the opening of a business or the “Griha Pravesh” of a new residence.

Children love his elephant face, which carries an innocent smile, while adults worship him for his countless virtues and divine powers. Lord Ganesh is the destroyer of obstacles, the bestower of success, wealth, health, wisdom, and happiness, and the all-round protector and guardian. You can gift newly married coupled Lord Ganesh idols, wishing them a happy life ahead. Ganesh Idols are the best gifts to distribute at housewarming parties.

Get a Wide Range of Ganesh Idols for Home Décor

Idolkart provides a wide range of authentic Ganesh idols for puja and home decoration. Our craftsmen know that the materials used to make the Ganesh Idol play a big role in attracting positive energy. Ganesh statues are made using different kinds of materials to attract different types of energy, which have significant effects on the owner. For example, Idolkart’s silver Ganesh idol can attract happiness and fame to your door. Golden and white Ganesh idols are known to bring happiness and success. The diversity in the options available and maintenance of the purity of coating in Ganesh idols are great reasons to buy a Ganesh idol online from Idolkart.

Vastu Items Related to Ganesh

Most of us want to keep Ganesh idols at home, but we don’t always know where or how to install them. Follow a few simple Vastu rules to get rid of all problems and bring wealth and good health into your life.

  1. Place Your Ganpati Murti Facing the Right Direction: Ganpati should be placed in the west, north, or northeast direction of your home. Turn the image so that it faces north. This is where Lord Shiva lives, and this direction is thought to be very lucky.
  2. Notice the Direction of the Trunk of Your Ganpati Murti: According to Vastu, the trunk should be turned towards the left. This is good for your home and brings happiness and success.
  3. The Posture of Your Ganesh Murti Design Is Symbolic: Lalitasana, another name for a sitting Ganpati murti, is thought to be the best way to pray at home. “Sankathara Ganesh” is the most popular of Ganesh’s 32 different forms; this form takes care of all the family’s problems and brings happiness.
  4. The Colour of the Ganpati Murti Has a Lot of Significance: People who want happiness, peace, and success should consider installing a white or silver Ganesh idol at home.
  5. Where You Should Not Place Your Ganpati Murti: Some places where you should never place the Ganpati murti are the garage, the laundry room, the space under the stairs, and the bathroom. These are prohibited places because the energy present is not good for the Ganesh idol.

Benefits of Keeping Ganesh Idol

Keeping a Ganesh idol, or Ganesh Murti, at home or place of worship is associated with several benefits and positive aspects, both spiritually and socially. Here are some of the key benefits of keeping a Ganesh idol:

  1. Removal of Obstacles
  2. Brings Good Luck
  3. Creates a Positive Aura
  4. Cultural Significance
  5. Wisdom and Intelligence
  6. Guidance and Protection

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