A semi-rural town in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, Khatu is of great religious significance to Hindus. Also known as Khatoo, the town hosts the famous Khatu Shyamji Temple, ...one of India’s most sacred religious sites. To understand who is called Khatu Shyam and worshiped in the form of the Khatu Shyamji idol, we need to turn to the pages of the great epic, Mahabharata. Read more



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Before the start of the great Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna sought the opinion of the greatest warriors about how long they thought the war would last. Bhisma, the grand old man, said he would finish the war in 20 days, Dronacharya said he would wind up things within 25 days, Arjuna’s reply was 28 days, while Karna said it would take him 25 days. However, the warrior Barbarika said it would take him just one minute to finish the war, astounding everyone. 

Barbarika, an ardent Shiva devotee, was one of the most powerful warriors of the time. Lord Shiva had granted him a boon of immense power, and he had received three arrows from eight gods (Ashtha devata) called “Teen Baan”. Barbarika could mark all his targets with the first arrow; the second arrow could mark all those he did not want to be killed as safe, while the third arrow could destroy all those unmarked. Hence, this was why Barbarika confidently stated he could end the war within a minute.

Barbarika was the son of Ghatodkhacha, who in turn was the son of Bheema and Hidimba. His mother was Mauravi, the daughter of Muru, the Yadava king. Mauravi had taught her son all about the art of warfare. The omniscient Lord Krishna was mindful of all this and decided to play a trick on the great warrior.

Dressed as a sage, Lord Krishna meets Barbarika, who is on his way to join the Kurukshetra war and engages him in conversation. He asks the warrior which side he would choose, and Barbarika replies that he has promised his mother to only use his power to defend the weaker side, the Pandavas. Krishna then asks Barbarika what he would do if his power weakened the Kauravas, as he would have to switch sides as promised to his mother. This side-changing could continue until everybody gets killed, leaving Barbarika as the sole survivor. 

Now, Lord Krishna asks the great warrior to gift him his head as Barbarika had earlier promised to give the sage anything He wanted. Bewildered, he asks Lord Krishna to reveal his true identity, and the Divine incarnate responds by revealing to Barbarika the actual form of Lord Vishnu in all its glory. Besides Arjuna, Barbarika was the only other warrior to see Lord Krishna’s divine form. The great warrior agrees to Lord Krishna’s request for his head but tells Him that he wishes to witness the entire war to its culmination. Lord Krishna agrees and places Barbarika’s head on a vantage point atop a hill.

The great Kurukshetra war ends with the Pandavas emerging victorious, and they start debating on whom the credit for the victory should go. Lord Krishna advises them to approach Barbarika, who tells the Pandavas all that transpired was part of Lord Krishna’s divine game or one of His Leelas. Lord Krishna blesses Barbarika profusely and immerses his head in the Rupawati River.

According to popular belief, Barbarika’s head re-emerged in the Kali Yuga at Khatu in present-day Rajasthan. Roop Singh Chauhan, the ruler of Khatu, received instructions in his dream to build a temple for Barbarika’s head. The king obliged by constructing a beautiful temple in Khatu and placed the great warrior’s head in it to rest in peace.

Thus, this is how the legendary warrior Barbarika started being worshipped in Rajasthan as Khatu Shyamji. Shyam is another name for Lord Krishna, describing His skin as dark complexioned. Barbarika was honoured with the title of Shyam in recognition of his supreme sacrifice and faith in Lord Krishna. Whoever takes Barbarika’s name with a genuine and selfless heart will have all their wishes fulfilled, Lord Krishna has Himself declared.

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From Khatu Shyam’s story, we can see how unflinching devotion to the Lord transforms the devotee into a manifestation of Divinity.  The great warrior Barbarika was such an ardent devotee that he merged with Lord Krishna, and the two became one. Hence, when you visit Idolkart.com to purchase your Khatu Shyam idol online, you are moving closer to experiencing the Divine lodged within you. You will be swept away by feelings of positivity and mindfulness, which will be further accentuated by the masterpiece in craftsmanship you hold in your hands.