Goddess Kali is associated with time (Kaala), power, creation, and destruction. She is a form of Goddess Durga; her task is to eliminate evil forces and safeguard the innocent and pure. ...The pictorial depiction of Kali Mata can appear intimidating to those who have scant knowledge of her. But, her fierce countenance is to instil fear in the hearts of those who have chosen the wicked path. Her garland of skulls symbolises her power over time, life, and death—that she can change the course of events for better or worse. Read more



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To the devout and pure-hearted, Kali Mata is the Divine Mother of the Universe—the Adi Shakti or principal energy. This divine protector can bestow liberation or moksha.

As the picture above shows, Goddess Kali was once engaged in a terrible battle and was on the verge of destroying the entire Universe. Such was her rage that Lord Shiva had to intervene and ask the Goddess to place a foot on His body to appease her anger. This is why her images and idols show her with her tongue out. Hence, the Kali Maa murti is distinct from other idols and easily recognisable by the tongue hanging out.

Kali Mata is worshipped across South Asia, including Nepal, South India, Kashmir, Bengal, and Assam. The two eastern states of India—West Bengal and Assam—have the most Kali followers, whom they affectionately address as “Maa”.

Some scholars think Goddess Kali originated in the pre-Aryan period before the Vedas as an occult deity. Many mythical stories revolve around her, especially on the battlefield, waging war against demons and vanquishing them. 

Kali Mata is depicted in two forms—the popular four-armed deity and the ten-armed Mahakali avatar. Her skin is black, though it is also shown as blue sometimes. Her eyes are red with rage, her hair is dishevelled, she has small fangs, and her tongue is lolling. The Goddess is usually shown wearing a tiger skin and accompanied by a jackal and serpents. Goddess Kali, as the Mahakali avatar, shines like a blue stone. She has ten faces, ten feet, and three eyes for each head. All her limbs are bedecked with ornaments. 

Kali Mata is described in the Kalika Purana as “possessing a soothing dark complexion, stunning, riding a lion, four-armed, holding a sword and blue lotus, her hair unrestrained, body firm and youthful”. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa was one of the greatest devotees of this fearsome form of the Supreme Godhead.

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Things You Should Consider While Buying Kali Mata Idol

Kali mata is the Supreme Godhead manifest in this ferocious form to banish the forces of evil. The great Ramakrishna Paramhansa says we call Goddess Kali black because we have only seen her from a distance and not experienced her with our hearts and souls. When one truly gets to know her, she is more resplendent and beautiful than anything in this Universe. Ramakrishna says we describe the sky as blue in colour, whereas it is colourless, and we also describe the ocean with blue waters, while it isn’t so.

Hence, when we buy a Kali Mata idol to instal at home, we must first endeavour to empty our minds of all impurities. The Mother cannot stand impurity. The place where you instal her idol must be sparkling clean, including the entire house and its surroundings. Ensure the idol remains dust-free and clean it from time to time. Offer her Satvik food and try to prepare such food for yourself and the family because this practice will please the Mother. Some may unknowingly advise you that when you buy a Mata Kali ki murti, you must be very careful and follow all the necessary rituals. This is untrue because the Mother wants nothing from her children but pure love and devotion.

Types of Kali Mata Murti Available at Idolkart.com

Idolkart offers the authentic 999 silver and 24-carat gold-coated Kali Mata murti, depicting the Mother with one foot on Lord Shiva’s torso. The exquisite beauty of this masterpiece is sure to elevate your interior’s surroundings and infuse divine energy all over. Every detail, from Goddess Kali’s fearsome yet graceful countenance to the delicately designed adornments, is meticulously crafted to put the stamp of authenticity that resonates with the innermost self. The authentic 999 silver and 24-carat gold coating on the idol lends elegance and class and, at the same time, represents purity and divine energy. 

The Kali idol’s elegant design and the striking contrast between the Goddess’ skin texture and her golden ornaments indicate unparalleled finesse even as the product as a whole resounds with cultural significance and a strong sense of spirituality. This idol will enhance the aesthetics of various interior spaces. Furthermore, the gold and silver-coated Kali Mata murti is ideal for gifting during Kali Puja or Diwali, housewarming ceremonies, or even as a thoughtful gesture of gratitude to loved ones.

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Benefits of Keeping Mata Kali Ki Murti at Home

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a Mata Kali idol at home has these benefits:

  • Protection: Mother Kali is fearsome but protective over her devotees. Placing her idol in your home helps create a sense of security.
  • Courage and strength: The Goddess symbolises fearlessness and inner strength. The presence of her idol gives one the strength to face challenges with determination.
  • Remover of obstacles: Kali Maa removes obstacles and hurdles from one’s path. Place her idol at vantage locations to overcome obstacles.
  • Spiritual upliftment: Mother Kali helps ardent devotees in their spiritual transformation. Her presence in your home encourages you to walk on the spiritual path and start comprehending your inner self.
  • Balancing energies: Mother Kali balances creation and destruction, and her presence in your home creates a sense of equilibrium by balancing energies.
  • Dissolving negativity: Mother Kali is often associated with the dead, which means the dissolution of ego, selfishness, and negativity. 
  • Harmonious relationships: A Kali Mata idol at home promotes harmony and understanding among members of the household.

How to Worship Kali Maa at Home

The following instructions should be followed while worshipping Goddess Kali at home:

  • Perform the puja around midnight (11:50 pm to 12:50 am) while facing the north.
  • Wear attire that is red, orange, or ochre-coloured.
  • Place the idol on a red cloth.
  • Light a diya using mustard oil.
  • Offer red shoe flowers.
  • Offer mixed black and white sesame seeds (til) and cook your prasad using them.
  • Serve a whole coconut.
  • Chant the “Kri Kapalinyay Namaha” mantra 108 times.
  • Apply vermillion (sindoor) on a white pumpkin, slice it in half, and present it to the Goddess.
  • Dump all offerings in a pond during the immersion ceremony.