Goddess Laxmi is the bestower of wealth in various forms—money, jewellery, food grains, valuable possessions such as vehicles, ...property, etc., which help people live in material comfort and happiness. Dussehra and Diwali are occasions to worship Goddess Laxmi in gratitude for all our material possessions and seek her blessings to utilise them diligently and wisely.Read more



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Original Gold and Silver Coated Lotus Laxmi Idol Silver Coated Lotus Laxmi Idol

Goddess Laxmi is also associated with Maya, a concept with various meanings, though it generally refers to illusion—that everything we see around us is illusory and transient. Worshipped as the prosperity aspect of the Supreme Mother, Laxmi is depicted as the consort of Lord Vishnu. As his divine consort, the Goddess is tasked with creating, protecting, and transforming the Universe. She accompanied Lord Vishnu every time he incarnated on Earth as a human being—as Radha for Krishna and Sita for Rama. Goddess Laxmi is also known as “Ashtalaxmi” as she has eight prominent manifestations, symbolising eight sources of wealth.

Artists depict Goddess Laxmi in full regalia and opulence, sitting in the padmasana posture on a lotus throne, holding a lotus flower in one of her hands to symbolise fortune, self-awareness, and spiritual liberation. The Goddess has four hands, representing the four pillars on which Hindu culture stands: dharma (righteousness), kama (desire), artha (wealth), and moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

Sometimes, Goddess Laxmi is also shown with eight or eighteen hands to symbolise various aspects of the Divine Absolute. Further, in her ultimate form of Mahasri, the Goddess is of a golden complexion with four arms holding a club, shield, citron, and a vessel full of divine nectar (Amrit).

Volumes can be written about Goddess Laxmi’s various forms, but it suffices to state that they are all symbolic and are man’s attempt at describing the Supreme Mother’s glory. We can all earn her grace and blessings even if we acquire a small Laxmi murtiand attribute to it all the power and might we can imagine, for Goddess Laxmi resides in every atom in this Universe.

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Idolkart offers you the exquisite gold and silver coated antique Laxmi murti you can obtain online to enhance your home decor by several notches. This idol has been handcrafted with such meticulousness and devotion that it appears as an antique piece crafted hundreds of years ago and commands a hefty price. The expert craftsmen at Idolkart have devoted long hours to creating this elegant and opulent idol by using their traditional artistry skills to their best. The antique Laxmi idol reassures you of bestowing purity, prosperity, and beauty and captivates the eye and the soul.

Mata Laxmi’s elegant posture, the intricate details of her attire, and her calm and composed countenance, full of Divine Motherly love, converse directly with the beholder’s heart. It is perfect to be kept as a home decor to elevate the spiritual energy of the space and spread an aura of divine grace in the household.  What makes the murti especially appealing is the authentic 24-carat gold and 999 pure silver coating, lending elegance and class besides purity and divine energy.

This gold and silver-coated antique Laxmi idol is perfect for gifting at housewarming ceremonies, including special occasions such as new ventures, or for Dhanteras and Lakshmi Puja. Indeed, this beautifully crafted masterpiece can be given anytime as a gesture of appreciation, assuring the recipient that the Divine Mother is always around to bless and protect. Furthermore, the idol’s elegant design seamlessly blends into various interior aesthetics, indicating the level of spirituality the household has reached.

Bring home or gift your loved ones this symbol of auspicious beginnings and immerse yourself in the timeless and limitless splendour and ecstasy of the Divine Mother.

Benefits You Will Get by Purchasing Laxmi Silver Murti From Idolkart

It’s a double whammy of benefits you reap—material and spiritual—when you purchase the Laxmi silver murti from Idolkart.  You attract the Divine Mother’s blessings through this stunning masterpiece, crafted to precision and coated with 999 pure silver. The Goddess exudes prosperity and heavenly grace, depicted brilliantly by the craftsman.

Placing the Laxmi silver murti at home and the workplace opens the doors of knowledge, prosperity, and the Goddess’ blessings for sustained stability and peace. The silver coating on the murti represents purity and class as it radiates with a divine aura. Meanwhile, every detail of the Goddess, from her attire, the elegance of her countenance, and the grace of her posture, integrates seamlessly into different interior aesthetics to enhance the spiritual vibes of the surroundings. This Maa Laxmi idolis the perfect gift to present to your loved ones during Dhanteras and Diwali or when your friends are about to start a new phase in life.

How Can You Use Laxmi Idol for Home in Diwali?

Dhanteras and Diwali are occasions when we focus on worshipping the Divine Mother in her form of Goddess Laxmi, the epitome of wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Laxmi Puja is one of the most important ceremonies performed during Diwali, through which we invite Goddess Laxmi into our homes to bless the upcoming year with peace and prosperity. Besides lighting an oil lamp before your Laxmi idoland seeking her blessings, there are several ways to perform Laxmi Puja to make your Diwali bright and memorable.

First, clean up your house thoroughly, decorate all corners with marigold flowers, and sprinkle Gangajal to sanctify the place. On Diwali eve, place a red cloth and spread some rice evenly on an altar.  Then, fill a “kalash” (pot) on the rice with water. Add a betel nut, a marigold flower, a coin, and some rice to the water while arranging mango leaves at the mouth of the kalash in a circular manner. Place a turmeric-filled plate on top of the mango leaves, and draw a lotus in the turmeric.

Place your Laxmi silver murti at the centre of the table. You must also place an idol of Lord Ganesha to the left of the Goddess. Place some coins on a small plate of rice and draw a lotus flower with turmeric. Arrange things you use daily at work, including laptops, pens, and other implements, and place them before the Laxmi murti silver and Lord Ganesh and seek their blessings with a sincere heart.

You can apply “tilak” (vermilion) to the idols and light a single oil lamp or five separate lamps, seeking the deities’ blessings to dispel the darkness of ignorance and let the virtues of knowledge, purity, and goodness fill your household. Chant the Laxmi mantra before your Laxmi idol,praising her physical beauty and attire. The mantra seeks the “lotus-armed” Goddess’ blessings to always shower the household with good fortune. Offer gifts in the form of flowers and bathe your Maa Laxmi idolwith “panchamrita,” a mixture of milk, yoghurt, ghee, honey, and jaggery, representing purity, progeny, success, soft speech, and happiness, respectively. 

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Diwali is a festival where you spread and receive happiness, joy, and love. The festival of lights signifies the end of ignorance and the beginning of a new day filled with brightness, cheer, and hope. This festive occasion is the ideal time to showcase your love and feelings of gratitude to your friends and family, and you can do so in the best possible way by gifting Maa Laxmi idols crafted by expert hands at Idolkart.com. We have already seen, with ample evidence, why and how Idolkart is the most suitable platform to purchase idols of Gods and Goddesses. As Diwali mainly focuses on the Divine Mother in the form of the beautiful Goddess Laxmi, you can buy the Maa Laxmi idolof your choice at the most affordable price and gift it to a family member or friend, assuring them you are equally focused on their well-being and prosperity. There is no room for doubt or double standards when you are dealing with Idolkart; instead, you get much more than your expectations regarding product quality, price, delivery, ease of communication, etc.

List of Laxmi Idol Products at Idolkart

Idolkart has as many as 13 Laxmi idol products, and you can pick any one that appeals to you the most. All of them are 24-carat gold and 999 pure silver coated and crafted with the meticulousness of a true genius and master craftsman. Here is the available list for your perusal:

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