Goddess Durga is among the principal deities of Hinduism and is referred to by various names, including Shakti and Devi. As the Protector of the Universe, she protects us from evil and is the bestower of happiness, harmony, and prosperity....Mother Durga is pictured or sculpted with her third eye open and multiple arms carrying various weapons to eliminate evil. Sitting astride a lion or tiger, she is depicted slaying the evil RakshasaRead more



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The victory of the Goddess over the shape-shifting Mahishasura is celebrated every year during the September-October months in an elaborate 10-day festival called Durga Puja, Dusshera, Durgotsava, or Sharodotsav.

Durga Puja is celebrated with much pomp and vigour, whereby the faithful wear new dresses, dine on sumptuous feasts and seek the blessings of family elders. Many localities across the country erect Durga Puja pandals wherein beautifully sculpted Durga idols are reverentially placed and worshipped. Further, the occasion commemorates the autumn harvest festival, thanking Goddess Durga for being the motherly succour to all life and creation. 

The 9-day celebration of her divine presence is called Navaratri, and most Hindus undertake fasts and abstain from consuming tamasic food.

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To celebrate the advent of Goddess Durga during Dusshera, the faithful purchase the Durga murti and worship the Mother for 10 days till Dasami, when she returns to her heavenly abode. On this day, the Visarjan or immersion ceremony is held, and idols of the Goddess are reverentially immersed in rivers amidst music, dance, and the chanting of mantras.

Many local clubs and religious organisations put together these pandals with huge idols of the Goddess for community worship. This trend is more popular in eastern India, especially in West Bengal, where Durga Puja is the most prominent and grandest festival in the Hindu calendar. The Durga idols are impressive and decorated with bright colours. Some idols are depicted with 8 hands, while some have up to 18, all symbolic of the power of the Divine Mother. 

The Durga murti is sculpted to appear formidable as this is what depicts her name and nature. “Durga” in Sanskrit means a fort, while the Mother is sometimes referred to as “Durgatinashini” or the one who negates all suffering.

Even so, many purchase the Durga Maa murti for home, a miniature replica of huge idols adorning puja pandals. Idols of the Goddess are usually made of clay, plaster, stone, and metal. The Durga Maa idol for home can be ideally bought online as it is available in various sizes, shapes, and colours.

It is not such that the Durga idol is available only around Dusshera; the Mother is omnipresent, and her presence can be seen everywhere, in homes, temples, and other sacred spaces. She has as many as 9 forms and can manifest in her choice to complete a particular task. Hence, she is also known as Ambika, Gauri, Bhagvati, and Kali. 

Durga’s consort is Lord Shiva, and she, too, is depicted with 3 eyes. Her left eye symbolises desire, the right depicts action, and her third eye represents knowledge. 

When purchasing the Durga Maa murti online, remember to ensure the above characteristics are present in your chosen idol. Furthermore, confirm the presence of these weapons in her hands:

  • Conch shell: Symbolic of Pranava or Om, believed to be the origin of sound
  • Bow and arrows: Representing limitless energy, both potential and kinetic
  • Thunderbolt: Firmness in one’s convictions without believing unquestioningly
  • Lotus: Half blooming to represent the certainty of success when worldly attractions do not sweep one away
  • Sudarshan Chakra: Found spinning on her index finger and signifying the victory of righteousness
  • Sword: Symbolic of knowledge, which should be as sharp as a sword and free from all doubts
  • Trident: Symbolic of Satwa (inactivity), Rajas (activity), and Tamas (nonactivity)

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Need to Take Care While Taking Durga Maa Murti

By now, you must be eager to get a Durga idol for home, mainly to instal in your puja room. Before that, there are some guidelines to be followed. Do go over them carefully.

Place your Durga Maa idol on the northern side of the puja room on a four-legged platform without touching the wall. Ensure the surroundings are white, light blue, lemon green, or purple to enhance concentration.

The main entrance to your home and the room where the Durga idol is kept should not face each other. Plant a Tulsi in a north-easterly direction of your house, including a small mango tree branch.

At a slight elevation, place the diya (lamp) at the southeast corner of the puja room. Place the Navratri flag in the northeast corner of the puja room.

Use silver and copper utensils only for worshipping your Durga Mata murti. Also, procure your Durga Maa idol made of metal and not glass, as the latter is believed to be devoid of retaining positive energy. You are encouraged to ring bells and blow the conch, which makes Goddess Durga happy. Make it a point to use red colour, from flowers and clothes to vermilion.

Above all, maintain cleanliness all around the house, including the surroundings. Do not trim your hair or use needles for stitching during Navaratri. Conduct all household chores and rituals with total faith and devotion, sharing love and spreading happiness. All these rituals are just a means to train our minds to focus on the Divine Creator, be grateful for all that we have, and comprehend unity in the seemingly vast, diverse nature of life.