The Laxmi Ganesh murti is common in homes and business establishments across India. Hindus believe the combined worship of the two deities brings success, prosperity, wealth, and peace....Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh are powerful deities of the Hindu pantheon and are particularly worshipped during the festival of Diwali.Read more



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Goddess Laxmi is the bestower of wealth, prosperity, love, power, beauty, fertility, and happiness, while Lord Ganesh is the bestower of wisdom and the remover of obstacles, material and spiritual. The Goddess is Lord Vishnu’s consort and one of the Tridevi, the other two being Goddess Durga and Goddess Saraswati. 

Laxmi Mata also represents Maya or illusion, suggesting that everything material we perceive is illusory. Images of the Goddess depict her with four hands representing dharma (righteousness), kama (desire), artha (wealth), and moksha (liberation), the four pillars on which Hindu philosophy is based. Images of the Goddess are available in both the standing and sitting (padmasana) positions. She is sometimes shown sitting on a lotus throne, clutching a lotus flower in one of her hands to symbolise fortune, self-knowledge, and spiritual liberation.

Lord Ganesh represents the Divine in the adorable form of an elephant-headed figure. He is one of the sons of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is renowned for his wisdom. Once, Lord Shiva wanted to test the wisdom of the gods and goddesses and asked them to participate in a race to determine who would be the first to traverse the Universe and return. All the deities hopped onto their respective vehicles and whizzed away across the cosmos. However, Lord Ganesh stood calmly by his parents’ side, paid his obeisance, and circumambulated them thrice. When Lord Shiva asked the reason, Lord Ganesh said his parents meant the Universe to him, which pleased Lord Shiva so much he announced that Lord Ganesh would henceforth be the first deity to be worshipped at the start of all new ventures and auspicious occasions. 

The image of this endearing deity is full of meaning. The elephant head signifies his wisdom, the way an elephant does everything with diligence and intelligence. His ears are enormous while his mouth is small, exhorting man to listen more and talk less. Lord Ganesh rides on a mouse, which represents desire. The symbolism here is to reduce our desires by the weight of our intellect. Every part of his body and his posture contains profound meanings, and dwelling upon all is beyond the scope of this article.

Therefore, The Ganesh Laxmi murti is a powerful representation of the Divine, and keeping one at home or work is sure to be a double whammy regarding positive vibes!

Buy Top-Quality Laxmi Ganesh Murti in India at Affordable Price

As we have read above, you should have a Laxmi Ganesh murti if you are searching for prosperity and happiness in life. And where else to look for one than in the markets of India! Every state, city, town, village, and street corner of the country will have various types of your favourite Laxmi Ganesh idol, some hastily finished and bundled up as cheap commodities, while others reflecting the care and detail invested by the maker. The idols you get in the markets are mostly made of readily available and cheap materials, such as clay and stone, and won’t cost a lot. 

But before you choose such low-quality idols, remember that what you are buying represents the Divine in its dual forms of success and prosperity. So, why settle for something ordinary when top-quality Laxmi Ganesh idols are easily available online? 

You can get great quality Laxmi Ganesh murti onlineat amazingly low prices. They are usually made of durable metal or costly stones such as marble with perfect finishing. They are ideal for installing in your puja room at home or in the office. Turn to for top-quality Laxmi Ganesh murti at an affordable price.

Things to Consider While Buying Ganesh Laxmi Murti

The Ganesh Lami idol is in hot demand during the days leading to “Dhanteras.” This day is celebrated to increase wealth and prosperity and is marked by thoroughly cleaning homes, replacing old and unused items with new ones, and invoking Goddess Laxmi for wealth. In Hindu culture, each ritual has its meaning, which applies to the idols of deities. So, let us explore the things one should consider when buying a Ganesh Laxmi murti.

  • Find the posture that suits you. Ganesh Laxmi idols are available in sitting and standing positions; hence, choose the one that contributes to the ambience of your puja or living room.
  • Pick the material used to make the idol. Vastu Shastra says each material has a particular significance. Therefore, silver can represent success, wood prosperity, and copper or brass joy. 
  • Lord Ganesh should always be seated on the left side of Goddess Laxmi, as this represents a good omen.
  • Goddess Laxmi should be sitting in kamalasana as this represents stability and progress. 
  • Lord Ganesh’s trunk should be turned towards the left if you intend to keep the Ganesh Laxmi idol at home. The left-leaning trunk (Vamamukhi Ganesh) stands for the Chandra Nadi or the Ida Nadi, the feminine power that nourishes, calms, and relaxes.
  • Ensure Lord Ganesh’s trunk is close to the modak (sweet), as this cures Vastu dosha and symbolises material riches and success. 
  • Choose a white Ganesh Laxmi murti if you want wealth and tranquillity at home. For self-development and improvement, you can choose a vermillion-coloured idol.
  • Ensure your Laxmi Ganesh murti includes the mouse and the modak.

Remember these important points when selecting your favourite Ganesh Laxmi idol this Dhanteras. Each position, colour, and posture has different types of energy flow. So, be sure to pick the idol that complements your energy.

Lakshmi Ganesh Idol Variety Available at

Idolkart is the perfect platform to get the Laxmi Ganesh murti of your preference. Every product offered by Idolkart is “crafted with care” and a joy to behold. The different types of Ganesh Laxmi idols you can choose from include:

  • The Ganesh Laxmi divine puja boxes are perfect for carrying in the pocket and for gifting during festive occasions such as Diwali. Crafted with devotion and keen attention to detail, this product has an anti-tarnish finish, making it maintenance-free. It is available in three sizes. Vastu Shastra says this Ganesh Laxmi idol brings fortune, wealth, and prosperity while promoting purity and detachment.
  • Pure, silver-coated Ganesh Laxmi murti with the two deities sitting on lotus flowers, symbolising auspiciousness. This idol can be kept at home, the office, or the puja room and is ideal for gifting during housewarming and wedding ceremonies.
  • Pure gold-coated Ganesh Laxmi murti sitting on lotus flowers also of golden colour is ideal for home, office, and gifting during  Diwali.
  • Antique gold and silver-coated Ganesh Lakshmi idol. This offering from Idolkart is a masterpiece for its precision and antique appearance.
  • The gold and silver-coated Ganesh Laxmi idol and the exclusive silver-coated idol are two offerings comprising a mixture of poly resin and copper with 99.9 percent pure silver and 24-carat gold.
  • The 5-inch gold and silver-coated lotus Ganesh and Laxmi set is intricately detailed, from the calm outlook of Ganesh and the eloquence of Laxmi to their attires. It is coated with 99.9 percent pure silver and 24-carat gold.

Why You Should Purchase Ganesh Lakshmi Idol From Idolkart

 The reasons why you should choose Idolkart to purchase your Ganesh Laxmi murti are obvious. First, the attention to detail and intricacy is something worth marvelling. The attire and expressions on the faces of the idols are authentic and speak directly to the heart. Second, the coating used on the idols is 99.9 percent pure silver and 24-carat gold. These costly metals lend opulence and elegance to the idols and also stand for their purity and divine energy. Again, the offerings from Idolkart are perfect for presenting as gist to friends and family. They make a meaningful and cherished gift for Diwali, new ventures, housewarming, or a simple gesture of appreciation. Finally, the elegantly designed idols integrate seamlessly into the aesthetics of your home, office, and puja space, enhancing the spiritual and cultural significance of the space.

Ganesh Laxmi Murti Online - Your Path to Wealth, Success, and Fame

Procuring your favourite Ganesh Laxmi murti online with a click of your mouse is a straightforward process and can be completed from anywhere, be it your home or office. The most delightful and satisfying aspect of choosing Idolkart is getting what you order. This means the photographs and visual displays of the idols, including the Ganesh Laxmi idol, do not exaggerate, and you get exactly what you have viewed in the displays. We have read about the power the Ganesh Laxmi murti stands for; Ganesh represents success and fame, while Laxmi stands for wealth and prosperity. Combining these two blessings will take the true devotee towards the path to wealth, success, and fame. Pure devotion, a childlike mind, and unwavering faith are the only ingredients needed to win the unending grace of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi.

Which Laxmi Ganesh Murti is Good For Diwali?

For Diwali, Lord Ganesh should always be seated on the left side of Goddess Laxmi. The murti should depict both deities in the seated position, representing a good sign. More orthodox Hindu tradition requires Goddess Laxmi to be seated in kamalasana or lotus posture, which is believed to be the harbinger of stability and progress. Again, the details about Lord Ganesh are very particular. His murti, especially for Diwali, should always include these details:

  • Large head: Representing wisdom and looking at the bigger picture
  • Enormous ears: To listen more and with earnestness
  • Tiny eyes: Depicting the power of concentration
  • Small mouth: To always talk less
  • Long trunk turned leftwards: Strength and adaptability, including the feminine aspects of divinity
  • Single tusk: Reiterate the good things and discard the bad ones
  • Big belly: Accepting the positive and negative aspects of life
  • A hand lifted to bless: For protecting and removing obstacles in life
  • Mouse: Reduction of desire
  • Modak: Rewards of sadhana

Where Can I Get Pure Silver & Gold-Coated Ganesh Laxmi Murti? Idolkart is the Best Place

We can assert with certainty that Idolkart is the best place to procure the pure silver and gold-coated Ganesh Laxmi murti. This is because the silver used in the coating is 99.9 percent pure, while the gold is 24 carats. This purity of materials used remains unmatched and is the reason for Idolkart’s pride. Moreover, the Ganesh Laxmi murti and various other idols available at Idolkart are affordable for even the ordinary person to pick up without burning a hole in their pocket. Again, the idols are not pieces of hastily completed work but creations that have been painstakingly given their present contour. The idols’ details are worth appreciating and hard to match by competitors. Everything, from the materials used, the details carved, and the affordable pricing to efficient servicing, elevates Idolkart to a higher and unique level.

Share Your Requirements with Us and Get High-Quality Lakshmi Ganesh Idol

All you need to do is log on to, where you can find our correspondence address and other details to procure a high-quality Laxmi Ganesh idol. You can reach out to us from anywhere and place your order, and we shall comply at the earliest. Remain prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the swiftness and transparency of our service. May Laxmi Ganesh shower their blessings on you, and may you achieve all your dreams!