Every God and Goddess in the vast Hindu pantheon has unique attributes and distinct symbols to tell one from the other. Some, such as Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, hold positions of prominence and have special places in the hearts and minds of devotees. Lord Vishnu is part of the Holy Trinity comprising Lord Brahma, the Creator, and Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. Vishnu is depicted as the Preserver. 




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Silver Coated Vishnu Murthy
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The Sanskrit word “Vishnu” means “all-pervasive”, or one who is everything and within everything. Lord Vishnu descends to Earth as an avatar to restore the cosmic order and protect dharma whenever the world is threatened by evil, chaos, and destructive forces. The Dashavatara are the ten avatars of Vishnu. Of them, Rama and Krishna are the most important.

Similarly, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddesses Durga and Saraswati form the Tridevi, or the three principal female deities (Shakti). Goddess Lakshmi is the bestower of wealth, fortune, and prosperity. She is the divine consort of Vishnu, and together, they make an all-encompassing, powerful pair. The skilled craftsmen at Idolkart.com have created the Vishnu Lakshmi idols in an authentic silver coating, portraying their majestic personalities and inspiring feelings of awe and reverence from all who behold them.

Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi are presented in their most beautiful and intricate postures. Lord Vishnu is standing on a lotus flower holding a conch, a discus, and a mace in three hands, while the fourth is raised in Abhayastha or blessings. On His back is the Sheshnag, the mythical, many-headed serpent. Lord Vishnu is said to have rested on Sheshnag while creating the Universe. Goddess Laxmi also stands on a lotus and looks radiant, dressed in a resplendent red saree. She holds lotus flowers in two hands, a Kalash (pot) with mango leaves and coconut in the third, while one of her right hands is facing palm down to indicate the unending flow of money and wealth.

Idolkart’s brilliant offerings of the silver Vishnu Lakshmi idol is a feast for the eyes; anybody would love to have the Divine pair grace the space of their home to spread joy and happiness.

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Pure quality refers to the quality of materials used in making the Vishnu Lakshmi idol. The base metals used are premium nickel, and copper, while the coating applied to the idol is 999 pure-grade silver. As a metal, silver is considered pure and recommended for use in religious ceremonies. The quality of the idol is further enhanced by a full-body anti-tarnish finish that makes the product more durable and easy maintenance. However, dusting is necessary from time to time to retain the original shine of the idol. Idolkart does not stop by merely stating the materials used are of premium quality; with every product purchased, the buyer is presented with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the quality.

The devotion and meticulous attention that has gone into creating the Lakshmi Vishnu idol and other idols of Gods and Goddesses, in addition to the premium quality of the materials used, may intimidate prospective buyers, making them think the prices also must be exorbitant. But this part of the deal is where Idolkart has played a masterstroke by keeping the rates astonishingly affordable. Any person is prompted to think that products with 999 pure silver and 24-carat gold coating must be expensive. You can find it for yourself by visiting Idolkart.com and comparing the prices with the materials used and similar products offered by other market players.

How Can I Buy Vishnu Lakshmi Idol Online? Just Follow These Easy Steps

Selecting and buying the Vishnu Lakshmi idol online is a straightforward process, especially from Idolkart.com. You only need an Internet connection and a device to access the web. The Idolkart website is a user-friendly platform where everything is presented transparently. 

For instance, if you want a Vishnu Lakshmi idol, type the name in the search bar, and instantly, a picture of the idol with all the necessary specifications appears on your screen. This includes the price, its availability at that precise moment, the payment gateway, and other essential details. The pictures of the products are presented from multiple angles to help you make a proper assessment. 

You can also add your Vishnu Lakshmi idol to your shopping cart and continue exploring other products or make a purchase immediately. You can also avail of the cash-on-delivery option without extra charges. Do remember that Idolkart offers hefty discounts on products occasionally, so if it’s your lucky day, you may pick up a top-quality product for half the original price!

List of Lakshmi Vishnu Idols Available at Idolkart

You can purchase the 999 pure silver-coated antique Dhanalakshmi idol and the Vishnu Murti. 

The precision-crafted Dhanalakshmi idol and Vishnu Murti personify wealth, prosperity, and blessings and are Idolkart’s humble gesture of paying tribute to the Divine as they stand in their most revered form—the Mother dressed in a captivating red saree and Vishnu in a striking golden dhoti. 

The idols are coated with 999 pure silver, symbolising purity, peace, and wealth, virtues that will find their way to your home. They can be gifted on Diwali and Dhanteras or special occasions, such as any auspicious moments in the life of your near and dear ones.

Vastu Shastra attributes the following benefits to the Dhanalakshmi idol and Vishnu Murti:

  • Wealth and prosperity: Placing a standing Dhanlakshmi idol and Vishnu Murti in the north or east part of your home will attract financial prosperity and success. 
  • Positive energy: Correctly positioning the Dhanlakshmi idol and Vishnu Murti attracts positive energy into your home. Place them in a naturally well-lit area and in a position where they are easily visible.
  • Relationship harmony: Placing the two idols in the family or living room ensures a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. 
  • Fulfilment of desires: Place the two idols in a dedicated prayer or meditation area, preferably in the northeast corner, to focus your intentions and aspirations.

How Can You Use Vishnu and Lakshmi Idol as a Gift?

You can gift the Vishnu Lakshmi idol to friends and family on any auspicious occasion or as a symbol of thankfulness and gratitude for having them in your life. As Lord Vishnu is the Preserver and Goddess Lakshmi is the bestower of riches, festive occasions such as Dhanteras and Diwali make ideal opportunities to gift this beautiful idol. The recipient would feel blessed by the Almighty and valued by you. Other occasions to give the Vishnu Lakshmi idol include housewarming ceremonies, undertaking new ventures such as launching a business or signing up for a new job, etc.

Get in Touch with Idolkart and Buy Vishnu Lakshmi Murti Online at Reasonable Price

Getting in touch with Idolkart.com is a straightforward process; all you need to do is click the link provided. Once you log in, you can comfortably surf through the pages or type “Vishnu Lakshmi murti” to land on a specific page. Here, you will get all the details of the idol, the specifications, the price (discounts on offer, if any), delivery and payment options, and the refund options if you are unsatisfied with the product. However, this has hardly ever been the case. You can even converse with Idolkart’s chatbot, while a phone number is also provided should you need to speak with someone immediately. So, get your Vishnu Lakshmi murti online from Idolkart for a very reasonable and satisfactory price without any hassle of delayed or damaged delivery.