History of Sai Baba- An Overview in 2023

History of Sai Baba- An Overview in 2023

There are an enormous number of deities believed to be powerful and graceful for many reasons. Some of the most powerful gods are lord Shiva, lord Ganesh, and lord Vishnu. Each deity is said to have its specifications and significance. For example, lord Shiva is known for destruction. Lord Ganesh is said to be the remover of obstacles. 

But unlike worshipping these deities, many people are devotees of many saints and prophets. One of the saints is Sai Baba, who is known for immense spiritual significance. He is known for his teachings that have extended the religious boundaries. Even though his birth date and place were unknown, his story is familiar among the Indians.

But there might be many people who are still not aware of him. This blog will help you know about him and unveil the reasons for worshipping him. 

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Who is Shirdi Sai Baba?

Even though his birth and some initial stories are unknown, people know his stories after he came to the village of Shirdi, Maharashtra in the 19th century. He came to the village at the age of 16. It was surprising for the people there to witness a teenage boy sitting in asana and carrying out immense meditation peacefully under a tree. He sat under the tree for several days without food and water, proving his dedication to meditation.  

His simple and aesthetic lifestyle with deep spiritual significance had a great impact on others, resulting in a wide range of followers. It is believed that a woman named Bayajabai, the village chief's wife came to him and asked about his welfare. Knowing his lifestyle, she started giving him food and water. Gradually, it made Baba more affectionate towards her and started calling her mother. However, once the village chief Mhalspati and a priest were possessed by lord Khandoba and claimed that there was a holy spirit here by pointing out to Baba.

However, Baba pointed towards the neem tree and insisted they dig into the roots. By considering his words, the villagers started digging the tree. As they continued digging it, they were surprised to discover a stone slab and a glowing lamp without oil. Further, they found a vessel in the shape of a cow's mouth. After this discovery, Baba reveals this is the holy place where his guru carried out penance. He also insisted not to worship him but the tree. People considered his words with great respect and honor and haven't touched the tree till now, and the tree has become the first stop for Shirdi. 

His unique personality and lifestyle and wearing a white robe and cloth on his head grabbed villagers' attention. Whereas some people thinking, he was crazy, started hunting him in many ways. After staying for three years in Shirdi, Sai Baba left the place. Even though there is very little information about him during that period, it is said that he went to meet many saints and fakirs, lived in various places and even worked as a weaver. 

After five years, Sai Baba returned to Shirdi and settled under the neem tree. One of his main routines was to roam through the jungle near Shirdi and continue his meditation. Later, it is believed that she shifted to a place near to mosque and started living there. Breaking religious barriers, Hindus and Muslims often visit him for blessings. 

In the mosque, Baba maintained a fire, said to be sacred, named Dhuni. He gave sacred ash to the believers who visited him. They believed that the ash was a cure for all diseases. He attended various religious functions and festivals since people considered him a god or saint. 

Teachings Of Sai Baba

His teaching always focused on the significance of tolerance, knowing and following diverse faith paths. He taught his followers about the importance of love, compassion and forgiveness in life and made them focus on charity. Combining various religions, he stated that all religions will lead you to the same truth and emphasized the unity of god. Nurturing and promoting harmony, he tried to bring unity between religions such as Hinduism, Islam, etc. 


The reason behind increasing people’s trust and devotion towards Sai Baba is not only his teaching but also his miracles. His miracles include feeding the hungry by multiplying the food. He used to heal the sick. It increased his followers and devotees from the village to across India. 

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Sai Baba, Essence of Spirituality

Being the epitome of teaching the lessons of unity, love and compassion, Sai Baba is known for breaking religious norms by spreading the message that the ultimate goal of every religion is the same. The devotees or followers acquired guidance to unleash the purpose of life. 

Continuing to be an inspiration for millions of people, he was not only a lesson for religious practices. People also follow him and carry out charity and services to encourage kindness that is decreasing across the world. As days passed and things changed, his devotees remained unflattering, and his teachings remained more relevant to various aspects such as peace and spiritual growth. With great admiration and honor, people place his idols and statues in their houses to spread positivity and symbolize peace.