Lord Hanuman is the epitome of wisdom and strength; his life exemplifies a perfect human being. Despite being blessed with superhuman powers, his humility, deference,...and devotion to Lord Ram have become immortalised in the annals of time. Installing his representation at home or the workplace will bring positive energy, good health, and prosperity.Read more



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We all know Lord Hanuman, the epitome of supreme strength and selfless devotion. Images of this superhuman being and staunch devotee of Lord Ram can be found across India as the revered Hanuman murti. But why is Hanuman depicted as a monkey? Let’s read on and find out.

Hanuman’s parents are Vayu, the wind God, and Anjana (also called Punjikastala), an apsara (celestial nymph). It so happened that Anjana once angered a sage who appeared like a monkey. She made fun of him and interrupted his meditation. The livid sage cursed her to become a monkey in her next life. However, the sage was wise and forgave her when she pleaded repeatedly for forgiveness, knowing her pleas were genuine. He told Anjana that she would become her original self once again after she gave birth to a son who would be of great renown as that individual would be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Thus, Anjana got the face of a monkey, though temporarily, as she had to live out the curse’s duration. So, Hanuman is also known as Anjaneya (son of Anjana) and Pavanaputra (son of the wind god) among his many names.

Hindu mythology is full of fascinating tales, and each has many versions. Such accounts aim to draw the listener’s attention, and each story contains a profound truth to be learned. For instance, Anjana’s beauty was surreal, but it took no time for her to become a monkey face as she had ridiculed someone less fortunate.

Hanuman had great powers right from his childhood. Once, he mistook the rising sun for a tasty fruit and jumped towards it to devour the tasty-looking ball. Indra, the king of the gods, was watching all this, and with a cry of alarm, he hurled his powerful vajra (thunderbolt) at Hanuman, who fell to earth, wounded in the jaw. This is how the child got the name Hanuman, “hanu”, meaning jaw, or the one with the wounded jaw. When news of Hanuman’s injury reached Vayu, he became furious and demanded to know the identity of the guilty. He stopped blowing altogether, leaving the gods and humans gasping for air. Vayu relented only when the gods sought his forgiveness and granted various powers to Hanuman, and everything returned to normal.

Buy Pure Silver and Gold Coated Hanuman Ji Murti in India at Affordable Price

Entire volumes would fill up if we were to talk about Lord Hanuman and his various exploits. Lord Hanuman is the dispeller of obstacles and protector against evil forces. Hence, keeping an image of this divine personality at home or the workplace will do wonders in warding off negativity and ushering in joy, happiness, prosperity, and good health. You can get your Hanuman ji murti online as per the material of your choice, from clay and stone to precious metals such as silver and gold. 

However, why settle for cheap material to represent a glorious being as Lord Hanuman when pure silver and gold-coated idols of Hanuman are available at affordable prices in India? You can get an exquisite Hanuman idol for home at a very affordable rate if you search at online stores. To make shopping easier and hassle-free, log on to Idolkart.com without reservations or inhibitions. You need not look at any other online store to procure your Hanuman ji murti, as Idolkart offers the best pure gold and silver coated Hanuman idol at very reasonable prices. The craftsmanship is so immaculate that placing the idol in your living room will enhance the space’s ambience and endow it with strong spiritual vibrations.

Things to Take Care of While Purchasing Hanuman Idol

Lord Hanuman is so benevolent and overprotective of his devotees that all internal and external conflicts get resolved in no time. But first things first. Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture based on scientific principles and has recommendations for even a tiny item placed at home. Hence, Vastu has specific instructions for placing the idols of gods and goddesses at home or the workplace, and it all has to do with energy, which permeates everything. Therefore, when you bring your pure silver and gold-coated Hanuman murti home, you must place it facing either the east or south directions. Doing so will bring positivity and channel fresh energy into your home. This position is also helpful in keeping negativity at a distance and evil forces away. 

From the aesthetic viewpoint, too, when you install your pure silver and gold-coated Hanuman ji idol facing eastwards and near a window, the early morning sunlight falling on it will enhance the beauty of the idol by several notches. Also, ensure that the idol is facing the entrance of your home if it is in the south or east direction to attract blessings and good vibes. However, your Hanuman idol is so full of spiritual energy that the best place to keep it home would be the puja room. This is because puja rooms are always clean and free from clutter, allowing energy from the idol to flow freely. Remember to place Lord Hanuman on an elevated surface in the puja room. Vastu recommends against keeping the Hanuman murti in the bedroom as its energy could affect your sleeping hours.

Idolkart offers a gold and silver coated Hanuman murti wherein Lord Hanuman is depicted seated crosslegged in the padmasan posture. Vastu says this posture is the most auspicious among all the other postures of Lord Hanuman for installation at home. The most potent Hanuman idol to keep at home is the Panchamukhi Hanuman, or Hanuman with five faces. 

There is a particular way of worshipping Lord Hanuman. Light a (diya) lamp before the idol and perform aarti by reciting Hanuman Chalisa, a devotional hymn containing 40 verses. As Hanuman loves red, use red flowers and vermillion for worship and wear red clothing to please him. Laddoos made of gram flour (besan) are his favourite dish. Keep your pure silver and gold-coated Hanuman murti clean at all times. You can also perform the fire sacrifice (yajna) to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays. Offer milk, ghee, mango leaves, and coconut to the holy fire.  

Hanuman Ji Idol Variety is Available at Idolkart.com

Idolkart offers as many as seven varieties of the Hanuman idol for home.

  • 24-carat Pure Gold-Coated Hanuman: This piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, depicting Lord Hanuman on one of his haunches with his powerful gada (mace) in the left hand and the right raised in blessings. The 24-carat gold-coated work of art exudes both opulence and divine purity and is perfect for gifting during special occasions such as new beginnings and ventures.
  • Pure Gold Vastu Panchmukhi Hanuman: This representation of Lord Hanuman with five faces is the most auspicious and strongly recommended to be kept at home for protection and well-being. Every tiny detail has been crafted with care and attention to evoke awe. The authentic 24-carat gold coating lends a touch of elegance while highlighting the spiritual importance and divine energy of Panchmukhi Hanuman. This idol is perfect, as per Vastu and will enhance the aesthetic ambience of its place.
  • Silver-Coated Hanuman: This authentic 999 pure silver idol of Bajrang Bali is yet another masterpiece of craftsmanship. Lord Hanuman’s body is depicted in his favourite saffron-red colour, while the silver of his attire sharply contrasts to provide a pleasant perspective. The idol symbolises purity and spiritual energy, making it perfect as a gift heralding new beginnings.
  • Silver-Coated Hanuman Murti: This Hanuman ji idol is altogether a different version, with everything coated in authentic 999 silver that contrasts with the red and yellow dhoti worn by Lord Hanuman as he holds his mighty gada while raising his right palm in blessing. This exquisite idol depicting Anjaneya in a standing posture is raised on a slight pedestal to accentuate the aura of spiritual energy that flows outwards and is a perfect gift for any occasion.
  • 24-carat Pure Gold-Coated Hanuman ji: This idol is yet another example of the detailed work undertaken by the artisans at Idolkart. Lord Hanuman is shown in his favourite saffron-red hue while a huge silver aura surrounds his head. He is sitting on one of his haunches with the powerful gada ready to uphold dharma while his right hand is raised in abhayasta (blessings). This piece of art is perfect for keeping in your puja room or gifting to near and dear ones to attract prosperity and happiness.
  • Pure Gold and Silver-Coated Hanuman: This representation of the divine being is necessary if you have young kids at home. This idol brings along Vastu benefits such as wisdom and strength, devotion, removing bad karma, bad company and habits, protection from evil forces, good health, mental peace, and a fulfilling and wholesome life.
  • Gold and Silver-Coated Hanuman Idol: This Hanuman ji murti has become the favourite among many devotees, given its unique posture. Lord Hanuman is seated in the padmasana posture and is in a meditative stance. He is bedecked with jewels and is adorning a golden crown that raises the spiritual vibe emanating from this beautiful representation. It is perfect for removing Vastu dosha and necessary if you have growing children at home.

If you are wondering about the Hanuman murti price at Idolkart.com, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable they are. You can check out the Hanuman ji idol collection here.

Benefits of Keeping Hanuman Idol at Home

Vastu Shastra says that keeping a Hanuman murti at home or the workplace frees you of all obstacles and problems.

According to Vastu, installing the Hanuman murti facing southward increases joy and prosperity, keeps the residents healthy, and wards off evil forces. Meanwhile, keeping the idol facing northward (Uttaramukhi Hanumanji) brings the blessings of all the gods and goddesses. The 24-carat silver and gold-coated Hanuman idol is primarily white in colour, and Vastu strongly recommends keeping this depiction of Lord Hanuman at home if a new job or promotion is on the cards.

However, as pointed out above, the best place to install your Hanuman murti would be in your puja room and an elevated position. The puja room is always clean and clutter-free, enabling positive energy to flow across the house. Lord Hanuman is the “Sankatmochan”, or the remover of troubles and worries. Unerring faith and constant remembrance of his name will bring good fortune and happiness.

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