What is Good Friday Celebrated For?

What is Good Friday Celebrated For?

It’s obvious to be acquainted with a good Friday across the world. It is one of the significant days conducted and observed by Christians across the world. Holding great importance in a typical Christian life, Good Friday is considered a legal holiday. But many other than Christians get confused about why it is crucial to everyone. 

So, what about exploring facts about Good Friday? Yes, this blog will help you to know more about Good Friday and its importance. 

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Good Friday: Crucifixion of Jesus

Memorializing the crucifixion of Jesus, holy Friday is conducted before Easter. It is observed during the holy week of every year. The day was commemorated to remember the crucifixion of Jesus. It was the day when Jesus was arrested by soldiers and was sentenced to death. Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed his life for the forgiveness of human sins. So, it is one of the symbols of god’s selfless love and his way of teaching humanity. 

The story of Good Friday has a crucial role in Christian theology. Let's dig deeper into the events that happened during the holy day. 

What Events happen on Good Friday?

Here are some events that follow on Good Friday. 

Last supper

After Maundy Thursday, Jesus decided to share his final supper with his twelve disciples. The Last Supper was the event when Jesus initiated holy communion by breaking the bread and wine. Jesus considered the bread and wine as his body and blood. 

Towards Gethsemane

After the Last Supper, Jesus and his disciples moved to the garden of Gethsemane to worship god. Experiencing the anguishes, Jesus prayed to God for the wish of letting the cup of sacrifice pass by. But later, he accepted the wish of god and decided to choose this path of sacrifice. 

The Arrest of Jesus

Judas Iscariot is one of his twelve disciples who betrayed Jesus by taking a group of Roman soldiers and religious dominance over Jesus. He walked towards Jesus and kissed him, a symbol for the Roman soldiers to identify and arrest him. 

Religious and Civil Trails

After the arrest of lord Jesus, he was brought to Jewish religious authorities, especially for trials. He was found guilty and accursed for blasphemy. Even though these religious leaders wanted to punish Jesus, they lacked the authority to execute to punish Jesus. 

But furthermore, for execution, Jesus was taken to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea. But after meeting Jesus, the governor didn't find him guilty. But, being pressured by the crowd, he ordered Jesus to be punished and crucified on the cross. 


Jesus was scourged cruelly before his crucifixion. It was a Roman punishment which involved whipping a person’s back. Jesus was even mocked by the soldiers, and a crown of thrones was placed on his forehead. 

Way of the cross

After the trials, Jesus was forced to take the cross from the streets of Jerusalem towards Golgotha, the site where he was crucified. He suffered and stumbled throughout the path and was helped by Simon of Cyrene to carry the cross. 

Crucifixion and Death

After reaching Golgotha by carrying the cross, Jesus was nailed to the cross and was crucified between the two criminals. Above his head on the cross, a label was placed with a sign of ‘king of Jews’. During his last breath, while hanging on the cross, he said some words which were, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," and "It is finished." After hours, he died by saying, “Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit”. 


A secret disciple of Jesus named Joseph from Arimathea acquired permission to take Jesus' body from the cross for burial purposes. He took his body with Nicadamos to a tomb of rock. A large rock was placed in front of the tomb. 

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Is Good Friday a Happy Day?

Even though Good Friday is a significant day in Christian mythologies, it is not considered a happy commemoration. As said before, it memorizes the death of Jesus before Easter. People are reminded of the way of the cross and the crucifixion of Jesus and choose to mourn and penance. 

How do People Commemorate Good Friday? 

Commemorating Good Friday may vary based on the different traditions and cultural practices. But here are some usual practices that people consider during this holy day. 

Church Services

It’s obvious that people go and attend the holy church services on this auspicious day. It includes reading the bible, singing hymns, offering prayers, and sermons that signify his crucifixion. 

Adoration of the Cross

Adoration of the cross is one of the practices that are followed by Christian people in which the cross or crucifix is showcased, and the people or the parishioners visit and kiss the cross as an act of respect and adoration. 


Some communities conduct and organize the dramas of the passion of Christ, which represents the events and incidents that happened during the crucifixion.  


Good Friday is a day when most devotees perform fasting and avoid eating meat to participate in the sorrow of Jesus. 


Processions are common practices followed in some Christian traditions during celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, and even on a good Friday. Unlike other processions, on Good Friday, people walk through streets by reenacting and dramatizing the way of the cross. The key purpose behind this is to share the story of crucifixion with the world and make others aware of his sacrifice. 

Let's Rewind the Way of the Cross and Wait for the Resurrection

People celebrate Easter on the third day after a good Friday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. As said before, people celebrate Good Friday and other festivals like Christmas and Easter with explicit adoration and devotion to proclaim and share the crucifixion and sacrifice of Jesus.

Let’s explore more about the culture and traditions followed by the Christians on these auspicious days. You can also visit Idolkart to learn more about Indian mythologies and cultures.