Story of Goddess Kali- A Transcendent Deity

Story of Goddess Kali- A Transcendent Deity

You might be aware of many deities and incarnations in Hinduism and related mythologies. Then you might have heard about Goddess Kali. But do you know about Goddess Kali and what's her story? If you eagerly want to know the story about the goddess Kali, then you are at the right place. This blog will help you know more about the goddess and her powers. 


All About Goddess Kali

Being the most powerful, Goddess Kali is believed to be the transcendent deity in Hindu mythology. People read Devi Mahatmya of Markandeya Purana to know her story. She is considered the influential incarnation of Goddess Durga, wife of Lord Shiva. She is an aggressive avatar of the mother. Goddess Durga takes this fierce incarnation to destroy the evil forces and demons in the world. 

The Appearance of Goddess Kali

Being portrayed with a dark complexion, Goddess Durga has a wild and terrifying appearance. With a garland of certain heads on her neck, she holds various weapons through her multiple arms. Her arms symbolize her power in completing various tasks. 

Her eyes are intensely filled with anger towards the evil. One can imagine her immense power by looking at her eyes. Goddess Kali protrudes her tongue out starving for righteousness. It depicts her aim of defeating the demons. She has messy long hair flowing freely around her resonating with her wild nature. 

If you have seen Goddess Kali's images, you might have noticed that she might often be dancing or standing on the body of Lord Shiva. Do you know why? It is because of her power to dominate the destructive forces or evils in the world. 

Even though the Goddess Kali representations change based on the artistic imagination. But, the mentioned characteristics are found commonly in every artistic depiction. 

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Story Of Goddess Kali

Let's begin with the creation of Goddess Durga.

As per the Hindu mythologies, Mahishasura was a king with a buffalo head who was a passionate devotee of Lord Brahma. Considering his passion and devotion, Lord Brahma decided to grant his wish. Mahishasura took this opportunity to ask for immortality and asked that no animal or man should have the power to kill him. Granting his wish, Brahma warned him that the end would be in a woman's hand. 

Neglecting the warning of Lord Brahma, Mahishasura started using his strength to harm the Trilok. After destroying the world with his army, he used his power to conquer the Indralok. In that dreadful situation, the gods went to Lord Vishnu for help. 

Lord Vishnu decided to create a woman to destroy Mahishasura with the help of Lord Shiva, the god of destruction. So, it is said that Goddess Durga was born from the powers of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. 

She is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, resembling divine feminine power. Goddess Durga fought with Mahishasura for fifteen days and stabbed him with her Trident, which killed him. 

But how was Goddess Durga incarnated to Goddess Kali? Let's dive more.

Goddess Kali was believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga to defeat the demons, which happened after the defeat of Mahishasura. During the war between the Gods and Demons, the Rakthabija is a demon who has the power to rebirth or replicate through his drop of blood. His impeccable strength disturbed the world and made the gods on a fearful stage. They approached Goddess Durga to destroy Rakthabija. 

Even though she fought the battle, she failed to stop him from replicating. Aggressive Durga took an avatar of Kali with terrifying power and appearance. 

Goddess Kali fought with Rakthbija and drank his blood without allowing it to fall on the earth. This way, she stopped the replication of demons, won the battle and saved the gods. 

Representing feminine energy, power and strength, Goddess Kali destroyed the demons through anger. She stood for righteousness. She could be the best example of transformation and an inspiring female character from Hindu mythology. 

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What are the Festivals associated with Goddess Kali?

Kali Puja

Being one of the phenomenal festivals associated with Goddess Kali, it is often celebrated in different parts of India. West Bengal, Assam, Orrisa and even some parts of Bangladesh celebrate Kali puja actively. 

The festival is celebrated between October and November on a full moon night. Devotees of Goddess Kali conduct traditional rituals and offer flowers, prayers, etc. Some also do thanksgiving in the form of sacrificial offerings. 

Navratri (Durga Puja) 

As the name suggests, Navratri is a festival of nine nights where people praise and conduct rituals to the nine avatars of the Goddess Durga. It also includes honouring Goddess Kali. Devotees do great processions with the idols of goddess Durga and conduct cultural events to thank her for her blessings.


Yes, Diwali is the most prominent and significant festival in India. But do you know it is associated with Goddess Kali? In some northern parts of India, people celebrate the third day of Diwali by worshipping Goddess Kali. People honour Goddess Kali on Diwali to remember the destruction of the demon Raktabija. Believing in the defeat of the demon, people conduct rituals and follow traditions like lightning lamps resembling the victory of Goddess Kali. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is goddess Kali known for?

Goddess Kali is known for destruction, death and darkness. Goddess Durga is said to be incarnated as Kali to defeat the demons. 

Is goddess Durga and Kali the same?

Goddess Kali is said to be the transformation of goddess Durga to defeat the battle with the demons and balance the righteousness in the universe. 


Are you a Devotee of Goddess Kali?

Being an epitome of feminine power, Goddess Kali is one of the most respected deities in Hindu mythology. Her stories and deeds opened her eyes to the strength to stand for righteousness. She is always a perfect inspiration for transformation, liberation and mother's love. 

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