5 Healing and Spiritual Benefits of Having Shiva Statue in your House

5 Healing and Spiritual Benefits of Having Shiva Statue in your House

From generations to the present day, it is considered a significance of serenity to have the idols of deities in houses. Lord Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva, and more are some of the revered deities that people consider to keep in their houses. It is also a decorative choice that is said to be symbolizing positivity for many devotees. 

Even though having the idol of lord Shiva is not a decorative option, it is considered a powerful god that people honor and praise by having statues in their houses. Being praised by millions of people across the world, having Shiva statue in houses are said to bring spirituality and tranquility. But do you know what benefits are said to be the reasons for having Shiva idol in the house? Running down, you will learn the healing and spiritual benefits of having a Shiva statue in your house. 

But before, let's summarize about lord Shiva and his powers. 

Lord Shiva- The Powerful God in Hinduism

Lord Shiva is said to be the supreme god in Hinduism, having impeccable powers to destroy evil. Being known as the god of transformation and destruction, lord Shiva has an infinite number of devotees across India. He is well-known across the world in various names like Bhairava, Mahadeva, Pashupati, and more. With the third eye of knowledge and sight, lord Shiva is also said to be the god of dance. 

Considered one of the prime gods among the holy trinity, along with lord Brahma and lord Vishnu, he signifies irreplaceable power and wisdom. Even though there is a lot of confusion about the origin of lord Shiva, a wide range of community believes that his birth was due to cosmic and internal forces across the universe. 

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5 Healing and spiritual benefits of having a Shiva statue in your house

Meditation and Reducing Stress

Signifying meditation, lord Shiva is often relatable to inner reflection and mindfulness. Getting involved in practices such as meditation will aid you in balancing your mental, emotional and physical health. In such cases, placing an idol of lord Shiva could be a reminder and, at the same time act as a focus point to open the path of meditation to embrace your mental health and be involved in such spiritual practices. 

It doesn't matter whether you have physical, mental or emotional stress, this practice will eventually be a solution for it. Having a serene idol of lord Shiva is considered a way to put a hold on your stress through meditation, yoga, etc. 

Peace and Harmony

In every religion, people believe having idols of their deities could bring spiritual vibrations and change the atmosphere with a serene and calming effect not only on your surroundings but also on your soul. It is one of the prime reasons why people place idols of lord Shiva in their houses.  

In addition, lord Shiva is known as the god of destroying evil and negative forces. So, along with embracing harmony, devotees also believe in having the idol of lord Shiva embrace the presence of positive energy. So, most devotees place the idol of lord Shiva to foster harmony and reduce negativity across their environment. 


Even though he is mainly known as the god who destroys evil forces, he is said to be the prime source of healing. People believe his presence could be a prime source to heal physically and emotionally. The devotees across and outside India worship lord Shiva and seek his blessing to recover or heal from their illness. Even though it is not medical support, people visit the temples of lord Shiva and place his idols to acquire emotional and mental support. 

Resolving Conflicts

Destroying negativity and balancing harmony is considered the prime intention of lord Shiva. So, it is said to supporting source that could maintain the balance of peace, and harmony and resolve conflicts in addition to managing your relationships. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

As said before, lord Shiva is not often considered an idol for home decor, but still, it can add an aesthetic appeal to your rooms and houses. With an upholding elegance, idols of lord Shiva especially Adiyogi Shiva statue could be considered as an artistic viewpoint to your living spaces. 

Bring Positivity to your Houses via the Lord Shiva Statue

Expecting profound positivity, placing a lord Shiva statue in your house could be a great choice for devotees expecting spiritual benefits. Beyond home décor, the divine idols of deities are said to be a prime source for reducing negativity and transforming your atmosphere into a positive and calming space. 

People who believe in the power of lord Shiva never miss the chance to praise and seek blessing from him. So, enhancing the serenity and tranquility, having a Shiva statue in your house will be a mental and emotional support to your well-being.