Who are lord Shiva's father and mother?

Who are lord Shiva's father and mother?

Who are lord Shiva's Father and Mother?

As you know, lord Shiva has an irreplaceable and crucial role in the vast drapes of Hindu mythology. He is considered a significant deity among the holy trinity, Lord Brahma, and lord Vishnu. Even though he is a part of the Hindu trinity, he is said to be the god of destruction and creation, unlike other gods. 

Representing enormous power and wisdom, he is said to have a third eye on his forehead. There are a lot of symbols and factors that symbolize lord Shiva like trident, snake, drum, etc., transcending many limitations and dualities, he is one of the supreme deities of Hindu mythology. 

But do you know the origin of lord shiva? There are various interpretations followed by people about lord Shiva’s father and mother. Many people are still confused about the story behind the lord shiva. No more worries about it if you are one among them. This blog will help you with some reasonable facts based on the Puranas and Hindu mythologies and stories about the parents of lord shiva. 

The Origin of Lord Shiva

As mentioned above, the Hindu trinity is the supreme deity representing different powers. So, this means the origin of these supreme deities is not through ordinary parents. His birth was believed to be through the advent of cosmic and eternal forces across the universe. 

Who is Lord Shiva’s Father?

Based on some stories from Puranas, Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe is believed to be the father of lord Shiva. But the birth was not through biological means but through cosmic forces. 

It is stated that the birth of lord Shiva was through a cosmic egg, known as Hiranyagharbha, which is said to be the primaeval state of the universe and through which both lord Brahma and lord Vishnu were born. Lord Brahma was born as a lotus flower from the navel of lord Vishnu. But do you know who is said to be the mother of lord Shiva?

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Who is the mother of Lord Shiva? 

As lord Brahma is said to be the father of lord Shiva, goddess Parvati, also known as Shakti or Devi, is said to be the mother of lord Shiva. Based on some legendary facts and information, it is believed that the goddess Parvati plays a dual role as his consort and mother. 

Goddess Parvati is considered a strong feminine energy, known for her unwavering devotion and maternal love. Based on her creative and strong aspects, she is said to be one of the supreme goddesses of the Hindu realm. Goddess Parvati has incarnated in various forms such as Tara, Kali, Bhairavi, etc. People visit the temples of goddess Parvati and worship her for accomplishing spiritual growth, marital harmony and even fertility. 

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Appreciating lord shiva’s masculine aspects, their union is said to be divine and balances the feminine and masculine forces of the universe. 

Is there any proof Behind the Origin of Lord Shiva?

Based on the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, it is said that the three gunas such as Raj (Rajgun Brahma), Sat (Satgun Vishnu), and Tam (Tamgun Shankar), which originated through Prakriti, which is known as Goddess Durga who is said to be the incarnation of the goddess Parvati. 

The Parentage Of Lord Shiva

Being considered the supreme deity of Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva acts as a bridge of interconnecting the cosmic forces. As a deity of destruction and transformation, he plays a significant role in the continuous cycle of creation and preservation. 

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From the cosmic egg and merging with the union of divine feminine, lord shiva has balanced the universe by destructing the evil forces and embracing righteousness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the father of lord shiva?

Lord Brahma who is said to be the creator of the universe is considered as the father of Lord Shiva. Without any biological means, it is believed that lord Shiva was born through the cosmic egg called Hiranyagharbha. 

Who are lord shiva's sons?

Lord Shiva is said to have two sons, Lord Ganesha and Lord Karthikeya. 

Lord Shiva, Being the God Of Destruction

Even though there are many stories and interpretations behind the existence and origin of lord shiva, a large community of people or devotees believe this story is his existence. Lord Shiva’s birth and existence are considered the divine manifestation of strong potential without limits in myriad forms to balance the universe. 

Due to his phenomenal power, lord shiva is being praised and worshipped by a large community of people across the world. People commemorate lord Shiva through Mahashivrathri. People visit famous temples such as Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, Lingaraj Temple, etc. for blessings. No matter what changes the world, the strong belief and dependence on lord Shiva will always exist in people's minds.