Who is the Wife of Lord Ganesha? Who were Riddhi and Siddhi?

Who is the Wife of Lord Ganesha? Who were Riddhi and Siddhi?

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Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of the Hindu pantheon, is said to be the remover of obstacles. People worship Lord Ganesha before starting any significant new venture. Several legends surround his birth, how he came to get the elephant head, his marriage, and so on. However, many do not know anything about the wife of Lord Ganesha. This article is all set to reveal this secret! 

So, who is the Wife of Lord Ganesha? Who are Riddi and Siddhi?

Ganesha is described as a celibate in some regions of India and married in others. But notwithstanding which belief is correct, Devi Riddhi and Siddhi are believed to be the two wives of Lord Ganesha. Riddhi is related to material development, while Siddhi is associated with philosophical or spiritual development. Ganesha thus connects the material and spiritual worlds. 

Again, some argue that Riddhi and Siddhi are not his real wives but symbols. Further, others assert that this confirms Ganesha as a domestic god because he enters the house with his two wives.

The Reason Lord Ganesha Has Two Wives

So, let’s stick to the theory that Lord Ganesha is married and has two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi. Legend says that Lord Ganesha captivated Tulsi Ji’s heart when she observed him engrossed in meditation. Tulsi Ji proposed herself as willing to be the wife of Lord Ganesha at Ganapati's entrance, but Lord Ganesha rejected the offer, professing to be a celibate. Upon hearing this, an angry and dejected Tulsi Ji cursed Gajanan with two marriages.

How did Lord Ganesha Get Married?

As the story goes, no one was willing to marry Lord Ganesha, given his elephant head. Such an insult infuriated Lord Ganesha, and he started creating obstacles in the marriages of other deities. The deities took the matter to Lord Brahma and sought his help.

Brahmaji had two daughters, Riddhi and Siddhi, and he sent them to Lord Ganesha, instructing them to learn from him. Riddhi symbolises material wealth and success, while Siddhi represents spiritual strength. The two sisters are depicted seated on either side of Lord Ganesha.

The task of Riddhi and Siddhi was to distract Lord Ganesha whenever there was news about an impending marriage of a god. This distraction helped all marriages to be held smoothly without any hiccups. But when Lord Ganesha realised he was being distracted, he became livid and cursed Riddhi and Siddhi.

Hearing this, Lord Brahma offered the hands of Riddhi and Siddhi in marriage to Lord Ganesha, who consented. Thus, this is how Ganapati became the husband of two wives. Riddhi-Siddhi bore him two sons, Shubh and Labh.


Different parts of India have their own beliefs regarding Lord Ganesha's wife. In north India, people believe Riddhi and Siddhi are the two wives of Lord Ganesha and worship them along with Ganpati. In contrast, south Indians believe Lord Ganesha was an intellectual with no wives to distract him. Some people also say no one married Lord Ganesha, given his physical appearance.